Senior Session Fees

Yearbook image delivery included with any session!
(Selection must meet yearbook's requirements and must be made two weeks prior to yearbook deadline.)

Indoor & Outdoor Sessions

Deluxe - $150.00 + TAX (7 Outfits- 5 Indoors, 2 Outdoors / 45 Proofs / Approx. 3 Hours)
The Deluxe Session is our most popular and offers the greatest variety of props, backgrounds, and poses!

Combo - $110.00 + TAX (5 Outfits- 3 Indoors, 2 Outdoors / 30 Proofs / Approx. 2.5 Hours)
The Combo Session is a smaller version of the Deluxe Session.

Indoor Sessions

Elite - $90.00 + TAX (5 Outfits / 24 Proofs / Approx. 2 Hours)
The Elite Session combines the simple elegance of traditional head and shoulder poses as well as full length and three-quarter length poses.

Classic - $60.00 + TAX (2 Outfits / 14 Proofs / Approx. 1 Hour)
The Classic Sessions is a smaller version of the Elite Session.

Outdoor Sessions

Nature - $60.00 + TAX (2 Outfits / 10 Proofs / Approx. 1 Hour)
The Nature Session is perfect for unique outdoor portraits. Choose from any on of our four outdoor locations.

Mackinaw City (Seasonal) - $250.00 + TAX (4 Outfits / 18 Proofs / Approx. 2 Hours)
The Mackinaw Bridge, historic lighthouse, and the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan will create beautiful images and cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Dow Gardens (Seasonal) - $150.00 + TAX (3 Outfits / 18 Proofs / Approx. 2 Hours)
This breathtaking paradise offers a creek, bridges, and an assortment of beautiful flowers, foliage and sculptures.

Other Session Options

On Location - $125.00 + TAX (16 Proofs - Must be twenty miles or closer to Hicks Studio.)
Want us to come to you? Schedule an appointment for us to come to the location of your choice.

Multiple Images

Two Images: $20.00 + TAX

Additional Images: $10.00 Each + TAX

Extra Outfits: $12.00 Each + TAX (Please mention when scheduling appointment.)

Outdoor Location Choices:

Stepping Stone Falls
Richfield Park
Sunset Hills
Crossroads Village

Terms & Conditions

*Saturday and after hours appointments MUST be prepaid within 2 business days of when appointment is booked. All other session fees must be paid at the time of the session.

*Please arrive for your appointment dressed and ready for your portraits.

*Pay attention to details such as jewelry, hair, makeup, tan lines and chipped nail polish; they will show in your portraits.

*The lenses in glasses can distort the shape of your eyes and face. We recommend that you remove your lenses or borrow an empty pair of frames for your session.

*We encourage you to bring props that will make your senior portraits unique. There is no extra charge for sports equipment, musical instruments, pets, or even friends. Please mention them when scheduling your session appointment.

*Proofs will be printed for you to select from and will arrive approximately two weeks after you are photographed. A $200.00 deposit is required to take your proofs from the studio. Proofs may be purchased after a minimum order of $200.00.